Proditec A.G. and NEDIS Group merge to increase support to retailers

To strengthen the customer value for the Swiss (r)etailers, Proditec A.G. and the NEDIS Group will merge their activities. Proditec, a Swiss based distributor in consumer electronics found a strong partner in NEDIS. NEDIS is a branded wholesaler which operates in 17 European countries. Both parties focus strongly on their (r)etail clients.

“With the 30+ years experience of NEDIS in retail our added value to the market will increase drastically. On top of our rack jobbing support, Proditec will offer more sales support. Think of demo boards, floor displays, consumer leaflets and optimized planograms for the best sell through” says Michael Gilgen, Managing Director Proditec.

Frits van der Vliet, CEO NEDIS: “Besides continuing Proditec current key distribution brands and own brand Maxxtro, we will also bring the full NEDIS product range to the Swiss retailers and etailers. NEDIS owns 10 brands in various product categories. Strong brands like König, Sweex, Valueline and HQ are fast runners for more than 49.000 resellers NEDIS services.”

The NEDIS assortment offers a solution for all consumer needs, based on a good, better, best proposition. “Beside the quality certificates NEDIS products have, we offer the retailers a good margin” says Michael Gilgen.